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Lecturing at the Ribeirão Preto Biennale, Brazil, 2010


  • The music of György Ligeti

  • Irish art music from 1700 to present (social, political, historical, postcolonial & intercultural contexts)

  • Intersections of performance and compositional methods and practice

  • Improvisation through interdisciplinary/multimedia/intercultural collaborations

  • Music and critical theory (esp. feminist, intercultural & postcolonial)

  • Philosophy and practice of free improvisation

  • Classical guitar performance with an emphasis on 20th- and 21st-century music

  • Music and myth

  • Music and literature

  • The music of Benjamin Britten

Guitar masterclasses at the Conservatorio A. Scarlatti  (Palermo) 2022


as Director of Studies (lead supervisor):

  • Garth Knox (ArtsD): ‘The Extension of Contemporary String Techniques through Performer-informed Composition’

  • Joel Sharbaugh (PhD): ‘Twelve Tones on Six Strings: The Guitar Music of the Schola Fiorentina'

  • Mei Yi Foo (ArtsD): ‘Performer as Creator – Recreating Piano Recital Programmes’

  • Siobhán Armstrong (PhD): ‘Reconstructing the Lost Narratives of the Medieval Irish Harp’

  • Michael Haas (PhD by Published Works): ‘Restoration/Restitution: The Cultural Vandalism of the Nazis—Prohibitions, Exile, Extermination'

  • David Etheridge (PhD): 'A Musicological Assessment of the Music of Barry Gray in Jerry Anderson's Thunderbirds TV Series and Films (1964-1986)'

  • Kristina Ammattil (MA by Research): 'The Third Eye of Performance within Western Classical Vocal Pedagogy'

  • Reuben Ard (Masters by Research): 'Homesteader to Jazz: A Study of Music in Kansas 1850-1930'

as Second Supervisor:

New Pathways in Improvisation @MDX 2021 Lecture

'Towards a Transcendental Philosophy of Improvisation'

The Irish Compositional Summer School 2021 Lectures (as Guest Director)

No 1: Language into Music - Tackling Beckett

No 3: SacrumProfanum

No 2: On Improvisation

No 4: Homenaje - The Hommage

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